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THE   MUSCULAK  SYSTEM                  197
is inserted into the third   juarter of the back of the femur, and is fused with the adductor magnus.    The
gntcUis Is inserted into the inner aspect uf the tibia behind the internal lateral ligament; it is fused with the semimeiubranosus and the fascia over the ^as-trocnemius. Hepburn {83) points out that the attachment t. the fascia is greater in the arboreal Orang and Gibbon than in the Gorilla and Chimpanzee. The ftd'luctw *>av> arises from the pubis external to the above muscles and internal to the obturator extermis. In the Chimpanzee (fig. HO, c\ three interlocking, prismatic bellies unite to a flat tendon, which is inserted into a line from the lesser trochanter to the back of the femur. In the Orang the insertion is very similar. In the Gibbon the single muscle is inserted into the femur between the pectineus and adductor magnus. In the Gorilla it has an extensive insertion into the linea aspera. One of the bellies in the Chimpanzee may represent a muscle in the Gorilla known as the adductor minimus, which arises from the pubis between the adductores longus and brevis mesially and the obturator externus deeply, and is inserted into the back of the femur behind the pectineus. The adductor magnus is the most powerful of the group. In the Chimpanzee ifig. 36, A) there are three heads ; the first from the body of the pubis unites with the second head from the pubic arch and upper part of the tuber ischii to form a large mu&cle, which is inserted into the greater part of the back of the shaft of the femur: the third head runs from the tuber ischii to the adductor tubercle on the internal condyle of the femur. The femoral vessels pass between these two muscles. The first muscle is supplied by the obturator